International Journal LOCALITIES for Humanities and Locality Studies

Introduction of the Center for Locality and Humanities

In November 2007, the Korean Studies Institute at Pusan National University was selected by the National Research Foundation to conduct interdisciplinary research on ‘Locality and Humanities’ as part of the Humanities Korea (HK) program.

In its focus upon locality in the humanities, the work of the Institute aims to initiate and establish ‘Localitology’ as a meta-theory of the local and locality. This synthesizes practical studies dealing with the realities faced by local populations and existing theories of locality: the confluence of concreteness and contextuality. As a distinctive intellectual achievement, localitology will attempt to understand the independent dynamics of a locality through the lens of the humanities and thereby, at the same time, to discover the values of locality, locales and locals.

For this project, we have twenty-five full-time research staff and ten research affiliates conducting collaborative interdisciplinary research in five categories: thinking, space, time, culture, and representation. Our goal is to create a new discourse appropriate to the demands of the twenty-first century and to suggest an innovative vision in the humanities.

Those who want to know the details of our research project see the Center's English Homepage.