International Journal LOCALITIES for Humanities and Locality Studies

Call for Papers

Localities, an international peer-reviewed journal of Center for Locality and Humanities at Korean Studies Institute (Pusan National University, Korea), seeks to publish articles undertaking interdisciplinary studies, giving particular attention to diverse ways of reactions explored and pursued on a local level at this age of globalization and transnationalism, and also to their possibilities of generating locality not only as a location of resistance against globality but also as a location of alternatives, including alternative theories, alternative communities, and alternative spaces, etc. The special attention will be given to research articles dealing with the topic of ‘global ecological/environmentalchallenges and local responses,’ although we still welcome research articles dealing with theoretical and practical issues on locality or translocality in general. Detailed information about the special topic is provided below.

1. Research Articles

Special Topic: ‘Global Ecological/Environmental Challenges and Local Responses’

  • We live in a world where environmental and ecological challenges have been greatly threatening our lives in this planet.All participants, including human and non-human beings, in this life of the earth cannot escape from the effects of environmental degradation and ecological crisis largely caused by global warming, nuclear disaster (e.g., Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011), etc. A sense of urgency on this situation demands us to take drastic measures. In response to this calling, scholars and activists around the globe have been making strenuous efforts to come up with better ideas and practices that can be applied to the level of the governmental policymaking process and in our daily lives as well. We are interested in research papers dealing with global environmental and ecological challenges and local responses not only from a scholarly perspective in the humanities but also from an activist perspective. We thus welcome research papers engaging not only with a theoretical and critical studies but also with an empirical studies, applying the inter- or multi-disciplinary methodology from diverse perspectives such as social, political, cultural (including literary and filmic representations), and economic ones.

General Topics

  • Theories and methodologies on locality or translocality from a humanities perspective.
  • Empirical studies on local or trans-local phenomena.
  • Practices or movements for resolving various local or trans-local problems.

2. Local Stories

  • Local stories need to address local issues, events, ideas, activist movements that cover topics relevant to either the special or the general topic of Localities. In order to make the writings in this section of the journal distinct from the ones in the section of formal research articles, we seek to include essay-style stories based on authors’ individual experiences.

3. Book Reviews

  • Books on the abovementioned special topic published within several years can be reviewed. We will arrange suitable reviewers with a selected list of books. We also welcome an email of intention with a title of a book for review from anyone interested in contributing a book review.

4. Information for Authors

  • Academic Papersshould not exceed 10,000 words including an abstract of 300 words and 5-6 key words. They must be prepared according to the rules for the manuscripts (i.e., the Chicago Manual of Style). Please refer to the Author Guidelines in the journal’s website at for the details. A published paper will be guaranteed 1,000,000 KRW as an honorarium.

  • Local Stories must not exceed 2,000 words and can include 5 or less photos and figures. A published local story will be guaranteed 200,000 KRW as an honorarium. There are no specific rules for authors to follow in writing a local story.
  • Book Reviewsmust not exceed 1,500 words. There are no specific rules for authors to follow in writing a book review. A published book review will be guaranteed 200,000 KRW as an honorarium.


  • Copyrights of all contributions will be reserved to the publishing institute of the journal.
  • All honoraria will be paid in KRW.

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Deadline for Submission Extended: September 30, 2017